The password which you have set in StoreGrid Web Console will be maintained in the StoreGrid internal database in an encrypted format. So it is not possible to decrypt the password by unforseen visitor.

If you feel the password which you are using currently is not that much secure, then we recommend changing it to an alternate (harder) password for your StoreGrid logon account. You can change the existing logon password for the StoreGrid webconsole by going through the menu "Administration -> Advanced Options -> User Management (tab)"  page in the StoreGrid webconsole. There you can configure the new password for your logon account under the tab 'Change Password'.

Please refer to the following URL to know more about 'Users Management';

Open ports in your Amazon EC2 instance, port scans of Amazon EC2 instances are generally ineffective because, by default, all inbound ports on Amazon EC2 instances are closed, and are only opened by the customer.  The customer's strict management of security groups can further mitigate the threat of port scans. If the customer configures the security group to allow traffic from any source to a specific port, then that specific port will be vulnerable to a port scan.  AWS further encourages customers to apply additional per-instance filters with host-based firewalls such as IPtables or the Windows Firewall and IPsec. This can restrict both inbound and outbound traffic on each instance.

For further information on AWS Security, please refer