If iCloud backup is enabled and Photo (iCloud Photo Library), the following were NOT downloaded after Erase All Content and Settings have been issued on iPhone 8 (iOS verion 11):

- Recent Calls - so I used iMobie PhoneRescue (screenshots below)
- Messages - so I used iMobie PhoneRescue
- Music purchased has to be downloaded manually via iTunes Store
- Apps has to be downloaded manually

But the following have been downloaded automatically, only if it was switched on iCloud backup settings on the iPhone:

- Contacts
- Calendars
- Notes
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One of my friend's iPad was running out of space, there were not much pictures and music. I was suspecting a movie that's causing the storage/space issue, but I couldn't find any big file to delete, I've been to TV, Music, iTunes purchased but it's not adding up the total storage.

I downloaded the free trial of AnyTrans by iMobie - https://www.imobie.com/anytrans/

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I updated a friend's Mac A1342 from Lion v10.6.8 to El Capitan then to Sierra v10.12.3. You can't update 10.6.8 to Sierra direct as minimum requirement is version 10.7.

Mac was a bit slow after the update as photoanalysisd and other daemons are running in the background. I also decided to upgrade the RAM from 2 x 1GB to 2 x 2GB, so I shut it down, when I switched it back on that is the time the progress/loading bar is stuck to 100%.

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I had to do an iPhone factory reset because before I changed the main email address of an Apple ID from a non-existing email address to a new email address, the user of the iPhone didn't sign out (by going to Settings -> iTunes &amp App Store -> tap on the field says 'Apple ID' -> click Sign Out). But before doing a factory reset, I need to backup the contacts.

Note: Restoring from iTunes backup will also restore the old Apple ID.

In this scenario, I'm using a Windows 7 computer with iTunes 12.1.1 installed and an iPhone 4S.

To summarise the restoration, I will be backing up the iPhone using iTunes, then extract the contacts from the backup using iBackupViewer. Import the contacts (VCF files) to Windows Contacts. Restore iPhone, setup as new iphone, disable automatic sync then sync contacts from Windows contacts. Then sign in on iTunes and iPhone using the new Apple ID.

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