PlayStation download is happening during those time showing on vertical red bars.

A POS computer is looking for an Epson receipt printer, causing hicuff on the network including VoIP chopped voice.

Two network cables have been plugged in at the back of Yealink VoIP phone.

Disconnect every 4-5 minutes after an iiNet NBN Business modem was plugin to Residential

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ASUS DSL-AC56U modem wizard is only for ADSL connection.

If you want to use ASUS DSL-AC56U modem for NBN with FTTP (fibre to the premises), then go to WAN section then on Transfer Mode select Ethernet WAN.

Make sure your network cable is connected on UNI-D1 (or active UNI-D port) back to the E-WAN port of the ASUS DSL-AC56U modem.

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Go to modem/router configuration page and enable ICMP or Respond to ping on Internet WAN Port

  • using NetGear DG834g
    -> go to Advanced -> WAN Setup -> tick Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port
  • using Netcomm NB9W
    -> go to Management -> Access Control -> Services -> tick on ICMP
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