Issue: Mitel 5312 IP phone screen is stuck on "Contacting RCS…" message.

When you restart the phone (by unplugging the network cable), it shows “VLAN None” then “Option 129 Missing

Reason: There is no VLAN set on the phone. It should be set to a VLAN. In this case, it needs to be VLAN number 3. You may have to find your correct VLAN number.


  1. Unplug the network cable which powers the phone.
  2. While the phone is booting, press and hold the Up and Down arrow keys simultaneously.
  3. Network Parameters? *=Yes    #=No   will show up.
  4. Press * for yes.
  5. View Current Netwrk? *=Yes      #=No will show up.
  6. Press * for yes, so we can confirm what is set on VLAN.
  7. Press arrow down until you see the VLAN ID parameters. Keep pressing down and it will prompt for question as follows, and just press # for No.
    • View Current Netwrk?
    • View All IP Addrs?
    • View DHCP Values?
    • View Current Values?
  8. When it prompt for Static QOS?, press * for Yes.
  9. You can press # for No when it asked for View QOS Params?
  10. Press * for Modify QOS Params?
  11. Scroll down until you see the VLAN ID.
  12. Press 3 then scroll down again.
  13. It will ask to save the settings, so save it and it will ask to be rebooted.
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Japanese Hiragana is typing a different character. For example, when typing ho, this comes up:


instead of:



Make sure your input method is set to Romaji input.

To change the input, right-click on IME options -> Properties -> Advanced -> Input method -> Romaji input.




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You can download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 install file which will download the necessary files and install afterwards from here

Alternatively, you can download the full installer which I copied the folder OEMOffice14 from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ from another computer.

Some laptops came with Microsoft Office Starter 2010 free of charge, you don't need a product key for it to work.


Click-2-Run configuration failure” Error


If you are having this error, uninstall MS Office Starter 2010 using Click2Run file then install MS Office Starter 2010 using the download link above.

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