1. Minitar MNWAPB Wireless
u/n: admin p/w: 1234

2. Billion Bipac-5100/5100W ADSL Router
u/n: admin p/w: admin
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Multiplex: LLC

3. NetComm V85 VoIP Phone

  • Check the V85 IP by using the phone itself, go to Menu/OK -> View -> Network Value -> IP Address
  • then go to the web browser while V85 is connected to the PC, then type http://192.168.1.? /login.asp

4. NetComm HotSpot HS960 (DHCP)
u/n: admin p/w: admin

5. NetComm HotSpot Printer

6. NetComm NP730 Booster
u/n: Admin p/w: <blank>

7. NetComm NB9/NB5plus4
u/n: admin p/w: admin

8. Linksys DG834B or G
u/n: admin p/w: password

9. NetGear DG834
u/n: admin p/w: password

10. D-Link DI-704UP
u/n: admin p/w: <blank>