ASUS R500VD-SX013X to be exact is the laptop.
Motherboard is K55VD main board rev. 3.0. (p/n: 60-N8DMB1801-(A03).

I had to replace the ASUS R500 motherboard as the existing one has the power light already on, then you need to press the power button to switch off then back on.

Make note that when buying a replacement motherboard, make sure to check if there's a GPU as the heatsink will not fit.

I received a replacement motherboard and transferred the CPU and RAM.
When I switched the laptop on, all I can see is a power and number lock indicator.
The CPU fan is spinning but nothing comes to the screen, ASUS R500 just had a black screen and the other light indicators are off (only power and number lock are on) still.

I tried a different screen and RAM from another spare laptop, but had the same result.


1. Re-apply your thermal paste on CPU and GPU, your paste could be too think or thin.
2. If it's still the same result, then your CPU may also be faulty that needs replacement.