There are times that accessing a shared folder or mapping a drive from Vista (as the server) using your XP (as the client) machine gave you this error "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation." Your only hope is restarting the server to allow access to the shared folder again.

To help you troubleshooting the issue, you may need to install LLTD (Link Layer Topology Discovery - KB922120) in your XP machine. Please check my other article for some helpful troubleshooting tips about Vista-XP sharing issues.

Download the WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-x86-ENU.exe, running it will give you an error not allowing you to install it, but there is a way around it...

Please do the following:
  1. Rename the WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-x86-ENU.exe to a simpler name e.g. 922120 and place it on e.g. C:\
  2. Click Start button navigate to run prompt and type in cmd and press enter or click ok (a black window will open)
  3. Type the following in the command prompt (cursor blinking)
  4. cd c:\
    c:\922120.exe -x:c:\922120

    Files will extract to folder named 922120 and pressuming that the package is now downloaded and  extracted all you need is to concentrate on the folder named SP2QFE.
  5. Inside you will find a file named rspndr.sys place it inside your C:\Windows\System32\Drivers directory,  rspndr.exe should be placed inside your C:\Windows\System32 directory and finally the rspndr.inf which is inside the IP named folder, should be placed inside your (previously) hidden C:\Windows\Inf directory.
  6. Now you all done! Start the service by opening a cmd prompt window again navigating to directory by typing cd C:\Windows\System32 directory and issuing the following command once there on same prompt window.

  7. rspndr.exe -i
    (then hit enter)

    You should receive a confirmation that the service is installed and by opening your NIC card properties you will confirm by reviewing that there is a checked entry for Link Layer Topology  Discovery.!E40FC8E37C2475AE!234.trak