Scenario: We have an Exchange Server 2007 ( in house. When our supplier ( sent us an email, they receive a bounced back error message: #554 5.1.0 Sender denied

Exchange Server 5.1.0 Sender Denied
5.1.0 Sender Denied bounced back error message


To fix that, make sure that the supplier's domain named is not being blocklisted by your Exchange Server. Go to Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Anti-spam -> Sender Filtering and make sure that the supplier domain name is not on the list. Remove it if it's there.

Or check the recipient's ( Blocked Senders to see if the domain is in the list. You can do it by checking Outlook (go to Tools menu then Junk E-mail Protection) or logging into OWA

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Sample dialplan I made pointing to different greeting message and a diversion to mobile call after hours on weekdays and a different day of the week, this is with SailPBX installed.

exten => s,1,GotoIfTime(17:00-07:58,mon-fri,*,*?whattodoafterhours) same => n,GotoIfTime(6:00-23:58,sun,*,*?leavevoicemail:closed) ; Below will work for M-F 7pm-7:58am (Asterisk allows 2 minutes gap, so no point typing 7:59) same => n(whattodoafterhours),Playback(pls-wait-connect-call)
; To dial internal extension number 5000 same => n,Dial(SIP/5000)
; Or you can also enable to divert to mobile number, then comment the next line below ;same => n,Dial(SIP/0412345678@peer4041) same => n,Hangup ; Below is applicable for Sunday only same => n(leavevoicemail),Background(usergreeting3001)
; Caller will leave a voicemail to extension number 5000 mailbox same => n,Voicemail(5000,su) same => n,Hangup same => n(closed),agi(sarkhpe,Inbound,Main,,)
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Option 66 (Boot Server Host Name) with a string value of needs to be enabled on your DHCP Server if you are planning to disable DHCP server on Tesltra's supplied modem for DOT (Digital Office Technology) such as Netgear DEV2020 and Netgear 7610.

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Devices involved on this setup are the following:

  • Modem is Draytek Vigor 2830n-plus connected to NBN Connection box UNI-D1; DHCP Server is disabled
  • VoIP Gateway is Telstra Netgear 7610 connected to Draytek's LAN port, WAN port of the Netgear is unused; FXS1 and FXS2 are in used connected to MDF; DHCP Server is disabled
  • Analog Telephone Adaptor Cisco SPA122 for the 3rd phone line
  • Windows SBS 2008 which is the DHCP Server (option 66 is enabled)

Draytek Vigor2830n-plus WAN2 is configured using Static or Dynamic IP, not PPPoE so no ISP username and password needed to be configured to the modem.

Basically, the objective is to have the UNI-D1 connected to Draytek WAN/Gigabit port, then just connect Telstra 7610 LAN port to Draytek LAN port. Draytek is used as the modem because the Netgear 7610 VPN functionality is limited.


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If you are wondering where Bitdefender GravityZone (BEST) temporarily downloads it's installer after selecting the Windows Downloader inside the Gravity Zone portal, then it is on the current user's temporary file. Folder size of bdtempdir01 is roughly 36MB. Same location, you will be able to see the downloaderlog.txt.

If somehow you get an "Installation Failed" error for some reason, then it's best to keep a copy of bdtempdir01 on a different location as once you get that installation failed error, it will delete the whole bdtempdir01 folder.

To bypass the "Installation Failed" error, modify the package by unticking all modules then download a Windows Downloader. Once it successfully installed on the computer, then go to Network -> Companies -> Company Name -> Computers -> tick the computer name then click Tasks -> Reconfigure client -> tick all required modules then Save

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