Error when you click on SBS Console - A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation failed. Unknown error (0x800423f4).

Or Server Backup did not finish successfully on 18/12/2016 7:01 PM. See the Event Log for details.

Then on Event Viewer Applications and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Backup -> Operations, error is “Backup started at '18/12/2016 7:00:00 PM' failed as Volume Shadow copy operation failed for backup volumes with following error code '2155348129'. Please rerun backup once issue is resolved.” with Event ID 9.

Or Backup started at '{726fef76-17ae-4966-b054-57c55906d367}' failed as Volume Shadow copy operation failed for backup volumes with following error code '2155348129'. with Event ID 9.

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  1. Stop the Windows Update service
  2. Backup the files inside C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\
  3. Delete all of the contents inside C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Logs\
  4. Start the Windows Update service.
  5. Check if your WSUS is running.

I was trialing the BackupAssist v9.4.2 on one of the Server with SBS 2008 x64 installed, so I decided to do a review of the product as I was impressed with the trial version and quick support. I did a bare metal backup and restored it to a virtual machine (VirtualBox) with dissimilar hardware, which I encountered few issues and luckily got fixed, details can be found below.

This SBS 2008 serves as Active Directory, DHCP, DNS server and it is hosting Exchange 2007.

I downloaded the BackupAssist software and installed, their 30-day free trial is fully functional including their add-ons.

Their support is also great, you get a response within an hour most of the time. There's also an Australian number that you can ring who is physically based here.

If you decided to buy the software, make sure to re-do your RecoveryAssist CD as the previous one will still be on trial mode and not licenced.

If you will be backing up to an external USB drive, make sure it qualifies with a 512 byte sector size as per this link

On this trial, I used a 2TB Verbatim Store N Go.

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  1. If the server is hotswap, then replace the faulty drive without shutting down the server. You can locate the physical drive by letting the LED blink, go to Intel RAID Web Console, on Physical tab, right click on the drive and select the Operations tab and select Locate Physical Drive then click Go.
  2. Run the Intel RAID Web Console 2, click on Physical tab and find the newly installed drive. Click the Operations tab, then click on Make Dedicated Hotspare, then select the Array, then select the Affinity option which is No. Then click the Go
  3. Then click on Logical tab on the left side and new Physical drive will be added to the array. Then click on Group Operations -> Check Consistency to show the status of the rebuilding. It will take roughly 9 hours for the rebuild.

  4. Once the rebuild is finish, it will look like this.


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