Zarafa-webaccess attachment disappeared when I reply to an email but no to a New email. Zarafa version installed is WebApp 1.6-46049, ZCP 7.1.14-51822.

Attachment will not show up at the receiver's Inbox and in my Sent Items.

I tried using Firefox and Chrome and had the same result.

Solution: Increase the MaxExecutionTime, MemoryLimit, PostMaxSize on PHP server where you have the Zarafa server installed.

On SME Server Contribs, you do it by issuing the following commands:

db configuration setprop php MaxExecutionTime 4800 
db configuration setprop php MemoryLimit 250M
db configuration setprop php PostMaxSize 40M
expand-template /etc/php.ini
/etc/init.d/httpd-e-smith restart

Update Nov 2016:
We are still having issues with the attachment but it's intermittent, this time I updated the WebApp to the latest version compatible to the server's OS.

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Scenario: We have an Exchange Server 2007 ( in house. When our supplier ( sent us an email, they receive a bounced back error message: #554 5.1.0 Sender denied

Exchange Server 5.1.0 Sender Denied
5.1.0 Sender Denied bounced back error message


To fix that, make sure that the supplier's domain named is not being blocklisted by your Exchange Server. Go to Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Anti-spam -> Sender Filtering and make sure that the supplier domain name is not on the list. Remove it if it's there.

Or check the recipient's ( Blocked Senders to see if the domain is in the list. You can do it by checking Outlook (go to Tools menu then Junk E-mail Protection) or logging into OWA

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I ran into a BSOD 0x71 Session5_Initialization_Failed error after transferring a hard drive from Dell DCNE to another desktop Acer Veriton T661.

It also shows check disk then the BSOD 0x71. When I try the safe mode, the last driver showing would be mup.sys before it does an automatic restart.

The motherboard on the Dell desktop died hence I need to transfer the hard drive, this is for the client with limited budget.

Running the following will NOT fix the above BSOD as it already passed the MBR.

  • chkdsk /r
  • fixmbr
  • fixboot c:

The only solution that works for me is to copy a backup registry hive from C:\Windows\Repair\ folder.

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Sample dialplan I made pointing to different greeting message and a diversion to mobile call after hours on weekdays and a different day of the week, this is with SailPBX installed.

exten => s,1,GotoIfTime(17:00-07:58,mon-fri,*,*?whattodoafterhours) same => n,GotoIfTime(6:00-23:58,sun,*,*?leavevoicemail:closed) ; Below will work for M-F 7pm-7:58am (Asterisk allows 2 minutes gap, so no point typing 7:59) same => n(whattodoafterhours),Playback(pls-wait-connect-call)
; To dial internal extension number 5000 same => n,Dial(SIP/5000)
; Or you can also enable to divert to mobile number, then comment the next line below ;same => n,Dial(SIP/0412345678@peer4041) same => n,Hangup ; Below is applicable for Sunday only same => n(leavevoicemail),Background(usergreeting3001)
; Caller will leave a voicemail to extension number 5000 mailbox same => n,Voicemail(5000,su) same => n,Hangup same => n(closed),agi(sarkhpe,Inbound,Main,,)
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