When setting up new POP account on Outlook 2016, testing it makes sending and receiving shows the error 0x80004005.
Computer is joined to a local domain, and email being setup is a POP account provided by a different mail hosting server.

Solution: On HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Cryptography\Protect\Providers\df9d8cd0-1501-11d1-8c7a-00c04fc297eb,

create or set a new registry DWORD value, named ProtectionPolicy, set the value 1

Disabling notification (receiving email) didn't work.

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I updated a friend's Mac A1342 from Lion v10.6.8 to El Capitan then to Sierra v10.12.3. You can't update 10.6.8 to Sierra direct as minimum requirement is version 10.7.

Mac was a bit slow after the update as photoanalysisd and other daemons are running in the background. I also decided to upgrade the RAM from 2 x 1GB to 2 x 2GB, so I shut it down, when I switched it back on that is the time the progress/loading bar is stuck to 100%.

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