This is through certain reading from different forums. Finally my laptop is working good.
This instruction is for HP Pavillion dv2533 (to be exact), but might be helpful with other laptop models in dv2000 series.
This instruction is not for dv6500, I saw an interesting instruction here for that model
Note: HP release a Limited Warranty Service Enhacement as they identified a hardware issue with certain HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 series notebook PCs. Check it out here.


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While trying to connect to your Terminal server, you are receiving a "The remote computer has ended the connection" error, to fix it:

1. Download and install devcon.exe from Microsoft. It’s a command line device manager tool.

2. Run devcon.exe which will extract it.

3. Open the Command Prompt

4. Navigate to the extracted devcon folder.

5. Type  devcon.exe -r install %windir%\inf\machine.inf root\rdpdr

6. Wait until it completes.

7. That’s it, try to connect remotely again.


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