One of my friend's iPad was running out of space, there were not much pictures and music. I was suspecting a movie that's causing the storage/space issue, but I couldn't find any big file to delete, I've been to TV, Music, iTunes purchased but it's not adding up the total storage.

I downloaded the free trial of AnyTrans by iMobie -

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I need a module to accept Stripe payment on the Joomla website I am working on, it also needs a membership subscription and to be able to be added as MailChimp subscriber. My option was to buy a module called Membership Pro by OsSolutions but I thought of giving a try.

What you need for this to work on your current Joomla are the following:

  • Stripe account (free subscription)
  • SSL certificate installed on your website as Stripe requires it (you can get for free depending on your hosting server if it supports it via Let's Encrypt)
  • MailChimp account (free subscription)
  • Zapier account (free subscription)
  • DirectPHP plugin for Joomla (free)


  1. Sign-up for Stripe account.
  2. Add your bank account.
  3. Get your Test API key by logging into your dashboard. Toggle on View test data then click on API menu. Change your API key to the live one once you're ready to go live. Add a comment
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To do an inplace upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Professional edition, go to Settings -> System -> About then click the link Change product key or upgrade your edition of Windows.

Then click on Go to Store link.

Below is a screenshot from a Windows 10 Home laptop, price shows is $149, I am assuming it includes GST.


You can buy a retail version to use for inplace upgrade of Windows 10 Home to Professional. Unless, you buy a Windows 10 Professional OEM licence which is like $249.

Doing an inplace upgrade will save you around $100.

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On previous Stripe Dashboard, you can view the API, either the test and live publishable and secret key on one page.

On the current Dashboard, I got confused why I couldn't see the live API key.

The reason why was because I keep clicking the "View test data" toggle which shows the Test API key everytime I clicked the API menu. I need to click teh "View test data" as I was checking the Events and Logs on the website I was testing.

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I had to restore files and folders that have disappeared/missing after a cut and paste on an external USB drive.

I tried Recuva deep scan and EaseUS Data Recovery deep scan but none of the two showed the missing files/folders I'm after.

I then tried the Wondershare Data Recovery trial version

because I have tried it on recovering deleted pictures on an Android mobile phone previously using the old version and it worked.

Quick scan didn't find the files/folder I'm after, so I did a deep scan that took around 4 hours to scan a 800GB external USB drive connected to USB2 port.

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