You can download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 install file which will download the necessary files and install afterwards from here

Alternatively, you can download the full installer which I copied the folder OEMOffice14 from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ from another computer.

Some laptops came with Microsoft Office Starter 2010 free of charge, you don't need a product key for it to work.


Click-2-Run configuration failure” Error


If you are having this error, uninstall MS Office Starter 2010 using Click2Run file then install MS Office Starter 2010 using the download link above.

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I can confirm that Microsoft Project Professional 2016 will install and operate even though there is no Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) installed.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 can also work side by side with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019.

In summary, Microsoft Project Professional 2016 can be installed independently.

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Error on MYOB AccountRight Premier version 19.15 when emailing out with Office 365 Outlook 2019 installed is "The attachment file was created successfully but there was an error writing it."



On Windows 10, go to Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Mail -> Outlook

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Kounta and MYOB are aware of the issue, this seems to be a security precautionary by MYOB. So you need to issue a link between MYOB and Kounta again as the Credentials are invalid.


To fix that, do the following:

  1. Go to Kounta's Back Office -> Add-ons -> MYOB AccountRight -> Connections tab -> click Restore Connection button -> click "Connect to MYOB AccountRight"
  2. Type MYOB email address and MYOB password with admin rights then click on "Allow access"
  3. Select the MYOB AR Live company file from the drop down, then type the username as Administrator with blank password then click Connect to MYOB AccountRight

  4. go to Sync tab and issue Sync Now
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PlayStation download is happening during those time showing on vertical red bars.

A POS computer is looking for an Epson receipt printer, causing hicuff on the network including VoIP chopped voice.

Two network cables have been plugged in at the back of Yealink VoIP phone.

Disconnect every 4-5 minutes after an iiNet NBN Business modem was plugin to Residential

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