Vivotek ND8401 NVR supports Vivotek cameras and ONVIF compatible cameras.

I had to add a Saitell ST-IPC860D-FE camera to the Vivotek NVR which is ONVIF compatible but I keep getting an error "The camera authentication failed. Check user privilege and the correct account or password."

I made sure that the username and password I type on the NVR setting page is correct, I even add another user via the Saitell camera configuration page.

To add a Saitell IP camera which is an ONVIF compatible, make sure to disable the Login Check on the Saitell camera, under Setup -> Network ->  Connection -> ONVIF. Then try adding your camera again on the NVR even without typing the camera user name and password.

Saitell camera ONVIF Login check

Ading ONVIF camera on Vivotek ND8401

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